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Ferrari Carano Pinot Noir

April 11, 2022

Ferrari Carano Pinot Noir

I need a certain type of wine this year when its not quite Spring but Winter still looms with extreme weather changes being the norm for April in Chicago. I need a wine that fits for both hot and cold weather and thus my search led me to the perfect wine: Ferrari Carano's Pinot Noir.  Now, I have been a fan of Ferrari Carano for a long time and enjoy a membership to their wine club as you have heard me mention Sienna before.  BUT I may just have a new favorite in this delectable Pinot Noir.

 It's both a light and full bodied wine..if that is possible; with plum and cherry characteristics. The first time I tasted was with salmon and the second time was with a steak dish and it paired beautifully with both meals.   The color is lighter as a Pinot Noir should be and it is such a smooth wine that the only analogy that I can think of is that it feels like the comfort of a hug after a hard day.

You can purchase online for only $48 at 


Photo courtesy of Instagram @ferraricarano

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