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October 02, 2021


Wine Review: Caymus 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

Caymus. Caymus. Caymus.  If you ever had the pleasure of tasting this velvet, smooth, delectable wine you have officially arrived as a wine connoisseur.   

Caymus has been around since the early 70's and is well known throughout the Napa Valley region for their Cabernets which never seem to disappoint.   The layers of flavors in this wine compare to no other and are both rich in tannins and the aroma of a dark red wine.

I suggest pairing this wine with something that deserves it; like a filet mignon or a porterhouse steak. Followed by a dark, rich chocolate dessert. This the "special occasion" wine that you want to bring out for a night to remember.

The bottle will cost you around $80 and although you will find it at such places like Binny's or; you can also purchase direct from the vineyard. Caymus


* Wine and Dogs does not receive payment for their review. It's simply to help others experience new wines they may have not tried before.  Photo courtesy of @caymusvineyards