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Wine Review

May Wine Recommendation: 


       Cab-Zin by Coopers Hawk


You know when you have that old favorite sweater that you pull out when you get a chill, and it wraps around you like an old friend. Consistently comforting. That's how I feel about Cab-Zin by Coopers Hawk.  I know that when I pour a glass of this, I know exactly how it's going to taste, how I am going to exhale after that first sip and how it can just make me smile after a long hard day at work.

Cab-Zin is a bolder wine, so pair it with meats or my favorite; a nice charcuterie board! #perfectdinner

You can get this online or at any Coopers Hawk Winery & restaurants that are opening all over the US.  https://chwinery.com/wine/catalog/red/cab-zin