Rescue's of the Year

We are excited to introduce that you can shop for your favorite rescue ALL. YEAR. LONG!  That’s right, we are working with the following rescues and if you use their promo code while you shop; they get 10% of your order and YOU get $5 off your order!

You can also click on the name of the rescue for more information on adoptable pets, become a foster, donate or more!


3 Girls Animal Rescue                                Promo code: 3GAR2022

Adopt A Husky Rescue                                Promo code: AAH2022

A Little R&R Animal Sanctuary                    Promo code: ALRR2022

Chi Town Pitties                                           Promo code: CTP2022

Golden Growls                                             Promo code: GG2022

Humane Society of Aurora                          Promo code: HSA2022

It’s All About the Paws                                 Promo code: IAAP2002

It’s A Pittie Rescue                                      Promo code: IPR2022

Midwest Border Collie Rescue                    Promo code: MBC2022

Midwest Rescue of Illinois                           Promo code: MROI22

Pit Inc.                                                         Promo code: PI2022

Rover Rescue                                              Promo code: RR2022

SAIN Rescue                                               Promo Code: SAIN2023

Save Rocky The Great Dane Rescue          Promo Code SRGD22

Vet Bros.                                                       Promo Code VBPE2022


If you are a rescue and would like to be a part of the Wine & Dogs team, please email